Suffer the Bite

began 04.01.89 revised 11.03.01 She runs her fingers through my hair And it feels so strange like a lingering pain That I’ve never felt before Then looks deep into my eyes With her eyes aflame and a lingering pain That makes me look away I have to look away She whispers warmly in me ear … Continue reading Suffer the Bite

The Scars That Remain

Moving stones, removing stones to orchestrate a view Waiting on you… wasting away Sorting through this madness, remorse & madness I explode all my love wasted on you Mere feet below this splendor, proper, tender-tempered soul Lay dust & ashes… wasting away Feelings unforgettable, pain penetrates. I feel you I explode all my wasted love … Continue reading The Scars That Remain


Lying green just out of view The pine sensation “winter-fresh” The memories I now recall The winter, fresh, the chill and all The things that come with youth I braved the storm to face the frost That threw me back into the snow At four or five that’s quite a ride Without your father by … Continue reading Embers

Rites of Skin

His day will end without meaning but this night will guide her voice, woken revealing promise deep inside of the skin Her lips will tremble to pucker as his heart will shake her soul, unfailingly tortured by this fatale mistake of the skin As his blood rises to change her virtue, lost then maligns in … Continue reading Rites of Skin


Black, liquid motivation ‘neath the neon Dance; impressive behavior Through no fault of your own, reality eludes you, realize that heaven is your home. Pale craft excitement, all lessons in neon Laughter uglier than lies Heads turn too late, clench-fisted, enraged realize its heaven that you hate. Hard-faced attraction carved out of neon Lips, as … Continue reading neon